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Condition Survey
The purpose of a condition survey is to ascertain the structural condition of the vessel. All systems, machinery, electrics will be examined. There will be no invasive stripping of the vessel unless specifically requested.
Damage Survey
These normally only cover areas which are damaged. A report will contain a description of the existing damage, and the estimated time and cost of the repair. The report will also contain the pre-incident condition and value of the vessel. This report is normally requested by the vessel’s insurers or by the assured as an independent surveyor.
Valuation Survey
These can be either following a condition survey or after a quick inspection. We expect our client to specify their exact requirements.
Limited Scope Survey
This survey requires detailed inspection of the part of the vessel concerned. This will probably require some dismantling and operating units. It is important to have clearly defined instructions as to the extent of the survey.
Insurance Survey
These are to support an insurance policy. The survey is almost the same as a Condition Survey but with more concentration on the safety aspect of the vessel, for example; fire fighting, skin fittings, fuel system, gas installation etc.
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