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Moisture Testing
Moisture content in both grp and wooden hulls and superstructures. This will show the level of moisture in the hull behind the gelcoat indicating whether osmosis is present or likely to become a problem.
Also to monitor the moisture level in the drying out period during osmosis repair.

In wooden hulls it is utilised to find rotten areas of timber. In new build it is used to control whether timber has been cured and matured enough to be used in construction.

Rigging Testing

To check the rigging terminals for integrity. The most common failure of standing rigging is at the termination, either the wire or the termination. The test will show :

internal corrosion
broken strands
cracked terminals
movement inside terminals
defective swaging
Keel Bolt & Chain Plate Testing
This form of test will show any corrosion in keel bolts without having to draw them from the vessel. Chain plates can also be checked in situ. A detailed report will be issued with each test.
Thickness Testing
We can carry out thickness testing in steel, aluminium and grp hulls.
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